The Georgetown Water Department would like to remind residents to check their irrigation systems to ensure they are running properly to help combat the drought conditions communities across the state are facing.

By fixing broken or misaligned equipment for their irrigation systems, residents can make sure that no water is wasted and that no further strain is placed on the water supply for the town.

The following are common problems and repairs from the Environmental Protection Agency that residents should be aware of to ensure their irrigation system is running as effectively and efficiently as possible:

  • Sprinklers are prone to breaking during routine lawn and landscaping maintenance or when people trip over them. Some of the key signs a sprinkler head is broken, stuck or clogged are if water is spraying wildly or not at all, or if the head doesn’t pop up.
  • Broken water lines can cause your water bill to skyrocket if left untreated. Common signs that a water line may be broken or leaking include depression in the group, water bubbling up or simply a very wet area.
  • Water valves should be checked often to ensure they haven’t become loose, causing water to continuously seep out and be wasted.
  • Sprinklers should be spaced out properly to ensure the entire yard is being covered. Make sure to place sprinklers so they spray directly onto the landscaping and not onto any nearby sidewalks or roadways.
  • If you notice that a section of your yard is being overwatered, adjust the system accordingly.
  • Create irrigation zones in your yard so that similar plants are near each other.
  • Sprinklers with higher and lower precipitation rates should not be placed in the same zone and positioned so that the water from one reaches the next one to prevent both underwatered and overwatered sections.

More information from the EPA can be found here.

Additionally, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has mandated that the Georgetown Water Department implement water conservation measures. As such, residents will be required to register all in ground irrigation systems, including those using private well water, with the Water Department. All future installations will require a permit. System design and capacity must be included in the permit application.

Those looking to register their irrigation systems can do so by calling Office Manager Christina Bernhard at 978-352-5750 or emailing her at [email protected].

Georgetown Water Department Shares Irrigation System Maintenance Tips

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