The Georgetown Water Department announces that it will begin its fall flushing program next month.

Water main flushing will begin during the week of Oct. 5 and continue for approximately five weeks. Work will be done from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the first areas to be flushed will be on the western side of town near the water treatment plant.

The flushing program is done twice a year as part of the water system maintenance, and is intended to help improve water quality and extend the infrastructure’s useful lifespan.

The flushing schedule is as follows:

  • During the week of Oct. 5, flushing will be done in the Central Street, Nelson Street, Little Hill, Baldpate Road, Andover Street, West Street, and Lake Shore Drive areas.
  • During the week of Oct. 13, flushing will be done in the West Main Street, East Main Street, Elm Street, Tenney street and Searle Street areas. Work will not be done Columbus Day, Oct. 12.
  • During the week of Oct. 19, flushing will be done in the North Street and Pond Street areas.
  • During the week of Oct. 26, flushing will be done in the Jewett Street and Thurlow Street areas.
  • During the week of Nov. 2, work will be done in the Jackman Street and Warren Street areas.

Customers may temporarily experience reduced water pressure while flushing occurs in their area. Normal levels should resume once the work is completed. Customers should note that they may experience some discoloration to their water as a result of flushing, which is conducted in order to remove naturally occurring sediment from underground pipes. Any discoloration will clear in a day or two, and residents can run their water to expedite that process. Customers are advised to avoid doing laundry until water is clear, and to avoid using bleach to remove any flushing related stains because it will make the stains permanent.

For additional information, questions or concerns, please call the Georgetown Water Department office at 978-352-5750.

Georgetown Water Department Announces Fall Flushing Schedule

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